vrijdag 16 januari 2009

Wind Powered Racing

Wing Powered Racing: DTU All Set For The Windy Race! - Ecofriend: "Wind powered racing is getting to be a big thing and there are many young enthusiasts that are taking up the green concept of racing. The Technical University of Denmark - DTU - has a long tradition in education within sustainable energy in particular wind energy. The two departments; Department of Mechanical Engineering (MEK) and National laboratory for sustainable energy (Riso) have through the last three decades been involved in highly innovative project in the field of wind energy. Now they are all set to test their wind energy development in a race against the best.

Students from DTU are developing a wind turbine car for the “wind car” competition in Den Helder (The Netherlands). A total of nine teams around the world will be racing against each other on a track 5.3 kilometers long since August 20th to 23rd. The team will try to win the challenge."

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