vrijdag 25 januari 2008

First posting!

A whole new blog :-)

The quadracycle is a 4 wheeled bicycle. In the old days bicycles looked exactly like cars. Luxury and speed would go into one and the same package. Later bicycles got reduced to their bare minimum number of parts. The intention of this blog is to reverse engineer the bicycle and to apply this same enhancement to the modern day car.

I don't know about you but paying for 2000 kg of ballast doesn't sound like it will ever be worthy of the label "efficient". The weight of a human is roughly 50-200 kg. And this is what we are transportating.

Can you imagine another vessel that is 20 times the weight of it's cargo? Would a bicycle like that go very fast you think?

Does safety apply to the passengers alone? Perhaps a 2000 kg blob of metal moving at 120 km/hr is extremely dangerous? Is there anything else in the urban jungle that is this dangerous?

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